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Who We Are

Arnold, Placek & Foerster was formed in 2003 by lawyers who left the confines of large firms to deliver first-class representation to a broader client base. Since then, the firm has evolved into an impressive litigation boutique focusing on Texas insurance law and workers’ compensation issues, business disputes, and civil appeals.
  • We prize success over growth.
    We are a tight group of bright legal minds, and we aim to keep it that way. We love tackling complex legal questions and pride ourselves in our responsiveness to clients.
  • We feel at home in court.
    It’s true that most civil cases settle. But we love going to court, and we meticulously prepare every case for trial. Winning key legal issues in court gives our clients leverage at the negotiating table.
  • We present value.
    Put simply, we do high-quality legal work at a fraction of the cost. We are selective about the matters we take on so that each one gets the attention and resources it deserves.

What We Do

  • We give straightforward advice.
    Hiring a lawyer is an investment. Whether that investment is $500 or $500,000, businesses, governments, and individuals trust us to give them honest, clearsighted advice before engaging in a legal dispute.
  • We craft a plan.
    Whether your matter calls for determined and focused litigation, creative problem solving, or consensus building and negotiation, we think deeply and develop the most effective strategy to achieve the result you want.
  • We make your case.
    Our job is to tell your story. We dig for evidence and craft arguments to inform and persuade your audience—be it a business partner, a competitor, or a judge and jury. We combine fierce advocacy with a practical, experience-based approach to representing clients. We also work with other lawyers and law firms to assist with pretrial motions, jury charges, error preservation, and appeals.
Representative Clients