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Arnold & Placek Secures Voluntary Dismissal of All Claims Against Local Hotel Owner

Arnold & Placek, P.C. today obtained a dismissal of all of a plaintiff’s claims against a local hotel owner in Williamson County Court. The plaintiff originally claimed that the hotel had violated an agreement under which the plaintiff agreed to help renegotiate a large SBA loan obtained by the hotel owner. The hotel owner claimed that, due to the plaintiff’s unconscionable actions, it had to fire the plaintiff and renegotiate the terms of repaying the loan itself. The hotel owner further claimed that the plaintiff’s improper acts excused the hotel from having to compensate plaintiff.

Unsatisfied with the progress made by its original counsel, the hotel retained Arnold & Placek, P.C. to represent it. Arnold & Placek immediately engaged in intensive discovery and motion practice, resulting in the Court ordering monetary sanctions against the plaintiff. As a direct result of obtaining those sanctions, Arnold & Placek was able to negotiate a settlement of the entire litigation which involved the hotel paying no money to the plaintiff and getting a dismissal of all claims against it. The litigation was handled by Scott Placek and Kyle Jones. Kyle Jones argued the motion for sanctions and handled the negotiations.

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